consulting results

“theory guides, experiment decides”

Put another way, the test of any consultant is the measurable outcome and sustainability of their services.

our key measures of success

The answer to these three questions summarize our performance:

  • Did we meet or exceed the client’s goals and objectives?
  • Did we build capacity in others?
  • Will the client refer us to someone else?

Our strategy includes the reporting and measurement of our recommendations and training long after they have been initiated. We’ll help you measure the cost savings and effectiveness to your company in meaningful ways. As for whether our client will refer us, please see our testimonials page. We’ll work hard to make sure you feel just as satisfied with our services.


sustained results:
  • Adjust Organizational Action Plan based on feedback, issues, additional impacts
  • Conduct on-going change team coaching, demonstrate, monitor, manage resistance
  • Recommend changes to reward & consequence systems to reinforce change as necessary
  • Further develop the Communication & Coaching Plan if necessary
  • Further determine changes to people, process, tools, technology or methodology to support solution
  • Measure progress, redefine priorities & Communicate Success
diagram: our statistical process control chart

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“High quality deliverables in an effective and timely manner, while maintaining strong professional relationships with the client and others assigned to the project.”

— John Golden
Former Professional Services Director, Metastorm (OpenText)