You may not have ENOUGH time, because time has you.

If you believe that time is something that happens TO you then you are at the effect of time.

What if you could expand time by simply knowing that time happens FOR you?

This shift in perspective forces us to do one thing… Let’s talk about the C-word.

Skillful Leaders say the C-word all the time!

They make a COMMITMENT to being responsible.

Imagine a world where everyone is committed to being responsible for their intended and unintended impact!

Imagine a work day where EVERYONE did their part to

  • Be PURPOSEFUL with their words and ACTIONS.
  • Cultivate a unified culture. A place where EVERYONE knows they BELONG.
  • Uncover the place where differences show us a better result than ANYTHING we could have ever done alone.

Based on my experience writing million-dollar business cases for some of the largest organizations in the world dare to KNOW this…

  • Higher Emotional Intelligence = Cohesive Team
  • Stronger Strategic Skills = Achieved Goals
  • A Cohesive Team + Achieved Goals = Stronger Bottom-line

This is how you expand time and money, BE PURPOSEFUL. PAUSE when you need to and REFOCUS on your Leader Within (the voice inside your mind that leads you to purposeful forward focused movement).

I realize you can’t control other people, places or things but the one thing you can do is decide that time is happening FOR you.

If you need time to REFOCUS, so you can EXPAND TIME then join me for this month’s virtual “Coffee Talk” Together we’ll blur the lines between work and play!