As busy professionals we seldom have big blocks of free time. Whether it’s developing a new launch or dealing with necessary changes, below are 5 Keys to Create More Time regardless of what is happening around you:

  1. Pause: During your workday find moments to pause. This may mean taking time to jot a few notes down before having a conversation with a challenging customer or co-worker. Otherwise, if a challenging person catches you off guard, take a moment within the conversation to breathe in gentleness and breathe out calm.
  2. Create good centering habits: Take time to read an affirmation or listen to a joke or hum one of your favorite songs. Centering ourselves on something positive, boosts creativity and creates less overwhelm at the end of the day.
  3. Find Safety: Talking to a trusted friend, mentor or coach for self-reflection can provide us with the clarity we need to handle any self-doubt or unnecessary criticism. If you didn’t catch the importance of what I just wrote this point might just be for you.
  4. Self-Care: Get an old fashion shave at a barber shop, or go for a quick nail polish change, or make that doctor’s appointment that you’ve been putting off. Time will pass by either way. So make the time to care for yourself. If you don’t do it who will?
  5. Let the good in: Take in that compliment! Don’t discount it! If there is good coming your way let it in regardless of where it came from! You deserve good things!

Practicing the above 5 keys makes it easier to protect your time in bigger ways like saying no to working on the weekends or saying no to back to back meetings. It could even lead to making time for that vacation you’ve been wanting! Well there you have it, five ways to create more time.

As a bonus, click here to download a complimentary no obligation copy of the Inner Leader Mind Map.

Completing the Inner Leader Mind Map will help you further create the time and events that bring you more fulfillment. Finally, if you have other ways that you create more time for yourself, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Make it a great day!


Nina 🙂