Many times a deficiency in employee performance (both management and non-management performance) is a symptom of an organizational design problem, and not what seems more obvious, i.e. an individual skill deficiency.

When there is an issue with employee performance, there is usually a problem with the systematic process for managing the performance of all employees. Most companies have some form of employee performance auditing that are similar in concept to the other systems any organization requires for managing money and assets or for manufacturing its product or service. The audit does not always identify what the root cause of the issue. Focusing on an individual’s apparent skill deficiency will not solve the performance problem, when the problem is the absence of fundamental processes that should be present in any business.

The solution is to implement a systematic approach to manage employee performance throughout the business, (making this system a tangible company asset) teach the system to everyone concerned, and then use the system’s processes and skills to ensure that the system itself is consistently used correctly by everyone. Training would then be part of the process to implement a change in the organization, and not just a means to try and change some offending individual’s symptomatic behavior or attitude.

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