As the country is working its way through the recession, I haven’t seen NEW operational situations, what I have seen is a higher occurrence of operational managers and business process managers raising their hands to re-assess their vantage point.

Taking advantage of a third party point of view can significantly help with your operational planning and execution. Below are a few of the situations Metaspire has helped with over the past few years:

  • when it’s time to invest in a new technology, effort, capability or change direction
  • you want to get an external objective opinion, expert advise and/or understand industry trends
  • change management
  • a fresh new way to leverage resources within your company is needed
  • resolution mediation or facilitation of a business initiative requiring new cross-functional activities is occurring
  • signal substantive actions and investment to outside world or other areas of company
  • a need for functional expertise that is not in-house or that was lost
  • new input and ideas into the company is welcomed
  • fill an operational management gap
  • common trend analysis across multiple industries is desired
  • low, organizational morale needs to be addressed
  • it is time to recover and retry a failed effort

If you run into the same situations over and over again, it’s time to contact us for information on how we can help your organization.