Business Process Mapping is a key foundation to your business’ process improvement. If carried out effectively, it can deliver improvements and redesigns which will exponentially increase efficiency and save your company money.

Metaspire provides a range of training courses to meet your process improvement needs. We help organizations to map, redesign, and improve their business processes. Below are 10 tips for effective Business Process Mapping. Contact us if you would like more information.

  1. Make sure you have the right people in your organization involved in the process mapping including the decision makers and the people who perform the activities.
  2. Document the steps in the process in sequence and try to only highlight the major steps first. Don’t become bogged down with too much detail.
  3. Make sure to identify the high-level tasks and decisions by documenting the inputs and outputs of the process.
  4. Document the steps performed to complete each high level task, in whatever state it normally goes through the process.
  5. Identify what really happens in the process and not what should or could happen. Many times organizations focus on what work instructions say or what is most efficient instead of what actually happens.
  6. List every single step that happens to the task, including errors, exceptions, wait time, moves and anything else. These steps that are not part of the usual process can be gold mines of savings.
  7. Link all of the inputs/outputs.
  8. Record how much time each step in the process takes to complete.
  9. Capture who completes each step.
  10. Once you’ve mapped and re-engineered the process, repeat the mapping process to ensure the changes have taken place.

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