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Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Management (BPM), Lean, Six Sigma, Rapid Process Improvement Events (Kaizen) and ISO are many paths to increase profits by improving quality; however, they all map business processes and have one value in common – improve business processes!

why business process consulting?

If we offered you a brand new Audi fully legal, fully functional and fully loaded for only $1 would you buy it? Of course you would! Even if you don’t want to drive it, you could turn around and sell it for a huge profit. The same concept applies to process improvement. Business processes improvement when done right enables maximum value to the customer while lowering the internal cost to deliver it.

While companies may be organized vertically, by department, customers view operations horizontally, crossing organizational boundaries. Business process improvement quantifies the time and money, from the customer’s perspective, horizontally, behind the production of services, products and deliverables to provide the maximum customer value.

Underutilized People

If you think about how much time is wasted just in unnecessary waiting and duplicating work efforts, you can how our business process improvement consulting would easily pay for itself. Additionally, obtaining internal operational savings has a stronger and quicker impact to the bottom line than the “cost” of a new sale.

Metaspire process facilitators and process analysts headquartered in South Florida, help answer the question “What is the most efficient and effective way to maximize time, reduce cost and increase the quality of the work being performed?”. Further we may suggest analyzing the number of employees assigned to each business activity and how those resource allocations can be shifted toward stronger value added results.

Metaspire’s resources are committed to:

  1. Minimizing the Duration of Process Engineering Engagements while Ensuring Quality
  2. Improving Integration of Requirements and Deliverables with Technical Configuration
  3. Establishing a customized, repeatable and scalable Process Engineering Methodology
our process consulting approach –

Metaspire Process Improvement Consultants customize our approach to Business Process Improvement and Business Process Management based on your needs and goals by leveraging any of the various paths within Six Sigma, Lean, Rapid Improvement, ISO etc. In this way, quality process improvement methods are working for you, your customer and your business.

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diagram: workflow – line of visibility

The concept of a horizontally view, is represented in the above workflow or (customer) line of visibility model diagram.

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Request your free assessment today to start charting your most important process paths. If you contact us, we will quantify how much time and money is being lost as a result of poor quality. More so, if you hire us, we will tell you how much money you can save – year after year!

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“Facilitated process modeling workshops for the development of Hewlett Packard’s Global Marketing Enterprise Architecture. Through these workshops HP realized a conservative $67 Million save in operating expenses within the first year.”

— Teresa Patrick
HP – IPG Global Marketing Operations