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Cost of Poor Quality
Online Calculator

The Exercise

Metaspire's Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) calculator utilizes the major direct cost components of a company which include: equipment/systems, human resources, marketing, and process costs. The calculator does not take into account the costs of products. If you would like to include product costs and/or indirect poor quality costs, such as lost sales, please contact us for a more in-depth review.

The Expected Result

The Total Annual Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) and the Estimated Savings will be provided based on the improvement percentage targets set by the user during the exercise. Remember that the COPQ cost savings can be realized not only by reducing operating expenses, it can also be realized through customer retention, product savings, improved profitability per customer, reduction in back orders, and reduction in non value added overspending (e.g. reduction in unnecessary freight costs).


Complete the fields in white to determine the health of your processes and conversely, the COPQ. Sections marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields

Metaspire's COPQ Calculator is scalable. So if you are looking at equipment/systems costs in one functional area, then place the appropriate numbers for that area in the tool. Otherwise, you can look across the entire enterprise and place all of the equipment and systems costs in the tool. Further, if you do not have the information requested in one section, please feel free to skip that/those section(s).

Please enter whole numbers (no decimal places or commas). e.g. $1000, 25%. Our system will round up to the nearest dollar/percentage.

As you complete the form, keep a record of your information if you desire. We do not save any of your financial information to protect your privacy.

Sorry, right now the calculator does not work with mobile devices.