meet your inside team

Audience: Business Leaders that need to ensure their team can deliver on commitments.

This highly interactive talk helps leaders understand how to work with team members that keep getting stuck. We all know the frustration of trying to make a positive change only to find our good intentions were derailed along the way. While some obstacles may be external, most of what gets in the way comes from inside – from the differing positions and opinions of the “Players on our Inside Team.” By discovering who is on this team and how the game is played we can gain new awareness, then return to aligned positive action.

Understand how to:

  • Slow down the chatter in your team member or client’s head.
  • Create greater awareness of the different parts of yourself and how they operate.
  • Work with your team member or client as they gain new awareness and insight.
  • Support your team member or client in regaining conscious choice.

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Organizational Development support for an extensive Capability Maturity Model Integration benchmarking project that identified $200 Million in technology savings by restructuring software development processes. We received assistance tying together leadership roles, and processes.

-- Daniel Bovarnick, Former Director Technology Global Reengineering American Express