human resources development

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Metaspire will help your human resource department prepare your entire team to accept profitable changes, adopt efficient attitudes and motivation that no company can survive long without.

Our passion lies in the human equation as it fits within the organization. We actively align the Voice of the Customer (Patient) and the Voice of the Employee within the leadership strategies. This ensures higher satisfaction and greater financial returns. In fact, our Human Resource Blog focuses on bringing you tips and principles you can put to use right now.

today’s human resource department for today’s economy

Regardless of your industry, today’s human resource departments require focus on two core components:

Some of the ways we support Performance Management include:

  • Designing reward based compensation systems
  • Creating or revising Job Evaluations, Performance Appraisals, Desk Level Procedures, Personnel policy manual design
  • Competency Mapping
  • Designing and Implementing 360 degrees feedback instruments
  • Conducting Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Conducting HR Audits and Surveys

You’ll be amazed at how your Human Resources Department can bring lasting improvement and adoption to your entire company. And we’ll be there every step of the way.

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“Gathering the opinions of the workforce had been a practice that the District would engage in periodically. However, taking those opinions and creating action plans was something that was new for the District.”

— Anonymous
North Broward Hospital District”