strategic business planning

Besides being the formal statement of your business direction, your business plan is the single most important roadmap to success. Just as a course deviation of just 1 degree can lead an airplane thousands of miles off course, deviation from your business plan – or worse: following a bad business plan- can lead your business into bankruptcy or extinction.

business plans for all organizations

Business plans are for new and existing businesses because it’s purpose is to focus resources on business priorities. Whether you are a for-profit corporation or a non-profit organization, we’ll ensure your business plan contains the most current and accurate goals. We’ll address your financial goals, your mission and your future impact on your clients and competitors.

financial goals and missions: a delicate balance

One of the most misunderstood and tension causing issues is balancing the mission of the company with the practical need to make a profit. Whether the balance is between your shareholders and clients, or your donors and board of directors, we’ll help you achieve the most effective solutions.

business plans: a dynamic document

Too often business plans gather dust on the shelf because as soon as organizations are launched, the unexpected challenges quickly change initial tactics and strategies- and focus on planning leaves the formal business plan behind. Don’t let this happen to your organization! We can help keep your business plan a concrete, living concept and document that will pay handsome dividends as you move forward.

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“Since our business plan was created by Metaspire, we increased revenue by 26% within the first quarter. With each new project, our staff now experiences deep pride and excitement. We are rejuvenated; keeping the corporation a happy and successful one.”

— Linda Thornberg
President Audacity Recording Studios