investment banking

Metaspire can allocate a wide range of experience and expertise in the investment banking industry. We can profoundly impact the analytical variables necessary for a merger and acquisition plan. Our expertise can be applied to either side of the investment banking equation.

help for targeted companies

If you represent the targeted company, our capabilities in process management, change management and dynamic modeling can result in efficiencies that will directly impact net revenue, thereby increasing the earnings per share and resulting in a higher price to the acquiring company.

help for acquiring companies

If you represent the acquiring company; we can evaluate the efficiencies available for remediation in change management, process management and dynamic modeling. The projected savings and efficiencies can result in higher projected earnings per share thereby reducing the actual cost of the targeted company.

Additionally, Metaspire has the ability and experience to assist your firm in discovering cost savings that will directly impact your firm’s bottom line.

Regardless of which side of the equation you inhabit, Metaspire Business Consulting can assist you in projecting the financial and management implications of your in house process management needs, the needs of a merger client or the needs of an acquisition target.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs in more detail.
In addition, we can help investment banking firms generate new leads and business contacts.

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