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How is it that business processes become splintered from technology development? On one hand, business partners believe that technology solutions take too long and cost too much. On the other hand, some technology resources say that the customer isn’t always sure of what they want which causes delays and raises the costs of implementation.

our strong it background

Our consultants have a technology development background. We look at the root of the problem by leveraging Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to determine the best solution to your business needs- whether that be a new process or procedure, a new technology, or uptraining as a result of changes to current roles and responsibilities.

If you are a technology company, we can assist you by:

  • IT and Business Strategy Alignment
  • Planning & Implementation of Portfolio Managemnet, or Continuous Process Improvement Councils
  • Process Reengineering & Redesign Facilitation via Process Repository Tools e.g Open Text ProVision
  • Resolution of complex challengies facing large-scale IT system implementations
  • Creating clear requirements and scripting based on workflow models
  • Rapid Improvement Events
  • Technology Service/Acquisition Business Cases

Our consulting can help you develop the business case, processes and workflows needed to control your information flow, document management, and storage needs.

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Last but not least, we can help IT & Technology firms generate new leads and business contacts

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