consulting methodology

our methodology is simple and powerful:
  1. Assess the current situation. Understand your customers, partners and competitors, and the people, process and tools within your business.
  2. Build a plan. Involve the right people at the right time to define tactics and strategy for success.
  3. Align your staff with efficient and effective customized processes.
  4. Validate the solution so all team members have input and responsibility for their role and the process as a whole.
  5. Implement quality conscious performance consequences and rewards to ensure that your measurement systems show sustained improvement. This is essential in building a culture to sustain success.
  6. By understanding the impact of change on customers, employees and departments, we help organizations remain adaptable to a changing business environment and changing customer demands.

Whether you are a new or established business, you can benefit from Metaspire’s focus on profitability. Our holistic approach and ability to quickly and painlessly effect positive change set us apart from other consulting firms.

our process consulting approach

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“We saved over $16 million a year in Accounts Receivable.”

~Fireman’s Fund Insurance
Annual Report”