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today’s economy

In today’s global economy, organizations are always examining the effectiveness of their core capabilities. Financial investments are under scrutiny as organizations are pressured to reduce operating costs without losing staff to remain competitive.

Successful executives know that the effective management and utilization of company resources is a key factor in enabling business success. Without the proper alignment of business strategies with business capabilities, organizations struggle to keep up with constantly changing business challenges. Executives are challenging the organization to answer strategic questions such as:

  • How does the business strategy shape the business capabilities?
  • How does the business operation create new business strategies?
  • How do we ensure realization of the business vision?
  • Where do we realize the biggest return on investments and reduce the risk of future investments?

The purpose of creating models is to enable a more nimble organization that can implement change, better, faster, and cheaper.

The below strategy model can be customized to define: what type of capabilities do we need, what plans we need, and what problems will we solve, what impacts will those capabilities have on our organizational structure. The impacts can be further defined by what specific changes will be made to people process and tools.

strategy model

Metaspire Strategy Model

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business interaction model

The below business interaction model (BIM) is used to depict the organizational relationships within your internal and external environment. This technique is predicated on the premise that your business is an adaptive system comprised of inflows from your suppliers and outflows to your customers. The organizational unites identified in the model, represent the “islands of authority” in your business and provide the basis to understand the interfaces between these islands and between your business and suppliers/customers.

Business Interaction Model

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Our business consultants are experienced in creating strategic contexts that enable organizations to continually innovate while maintaining complete alignment with their core business capabilities. Through sound strategic planning, we build the proper context to align the business strategies with the enterprise architecture. This alignment enables organizations to answer the tough strategic questions and make the best financial investments.

Modeling is key to making any strategic, financial, organizational or technological decision.

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Organizational Development support for an extensive Capability Maturity Model Integration benchmarking project that identified $200 Million in technology savings by restructuring software development processes. We received assistance tying together leadership roles, and processes.

-- Daniel Bovarnick, Former Director Technology Global Reengineering American Express