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Sometimes businesses wait until they hear complaints from their Customers/Patients before taking action. Or they may wait for an inspector or the next person within a business process to tell them there is a problem. Neither is incorrect, but a more proactive approach may be to recognize a problem before it starts.

If you are encountering the same problem over and over again, Metaspire’s Six Sigma and Lean resources are here to bring reliable solutions and results. We customize Six Sigma and Lean tools to meet your needs. The root of most business problems lies with understanding quality from the Customer/Patient’s perspective. Environmental factors are also considered.

what’s the result of delighting a good customer? repeat business.

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the power of six sigma and lean and process modeling software

Our use of the Process Modeling Software like ProVision & iGrafx software combined with the Six Sigma and Lean process solution allows us to develop dynamic modeling solutions. This is a very rare combination of skills and expertise that will increase your bottom line results.

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Founded in 1946, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international organization composed of national standards bodies from over 75 countries. There are many reasons to become ISO certified. For most companies, the primary driver is that ISO opens up new markets that they could not reach without it. Some of the additional by products are:

  1. Increased Efficiency
  2. Improved Financial Performance
  3. Employee Satisfaction
  4. International Recognition
  5. Stronger Supplier Relationships
  6. Intellectual Capital Documentation System
  7. Process Improvement Structure

Start today by requesting your free assessment and see how process modeling software and our insight can help your organization.

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Organizational Development support for an extensive Capability Maturity Model Integration benchmarking project that identified $200 Million in technology savings by restructuring software development processes. We received assistance tying together leadership roles, and processes.

-- Daniel Bovarnick, Former Director Technology Global Reengineering American Express