organizational development

“Organizational Development support was provided for an extensive Capability Maturity Model Integration benchmarking project that identified over $200 Million of technology savings by restructuring software development processes around the (CMMI) Integration processes. Nina facilitated the coordination of the discovery phase of the project in a major development center. In addition, we received assistance in the analysis phase of the project, using her understanding of our leadership, roles, and processes to interpret the requirements provided by process users.”
— Daniel Bovarnick Former Director Technology Global Reengineering American Express

“Metaspire’s knowledge of business process, the ProVision tool and ProGuide methodology allowed for a BPE Competency to be formed as well as a successful launch of 7 major projects in less than one year.”
–Jocelyn Evans Transformation Director Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

“Consistency, Involvement, Flexibility, and Operations, after attending the training sessions and coaching sessions, 80% of the managers showed improvement in these areas.”
– HIPA Employee

Gathering the opinions of the workforce had been a practice that the District would engage in periodically. However, taking those opinions and creating action plans was something that was new for the District.”
– Anonymous North Broward Hospital District

“While at American Express, Nina coached process owners through stakeholder analysis, change management, communication and training plans. She evaluated and negotiated with various training development/delivery vendors. Over 2800 leaders/employees received process, methodology and tool training. Online self-paced training was made available for new/out of town employees.”
– Daniel Bovarnick Former Director, Technology Global Reengineering American Express

“Directing global teams through the launch of the American Express Technologies Six Sigma Employee Network, Nina determined the roles/responsibilities and interviewed the resources necessary to establish the core team. She also established the network governance structure, employee registration, on-line library and the process to engage global speakers. Today, over 500 employees around the globe are regularly using the methodologies that Nina created and implemented. ”
-Jim Grove Director, BPO Reengineering at American Express

the process of change

“Metaspire made the process of change as easy and enjoyable as any change would be. The changes greatly increased productivity and enabled us to provide better service to our customers.”
– Cliff Deaner Former Executive Director of Business Development The Millennium Group

“Metaspire has developed unique and proprietary tools that should be an invaluable resource for a wide breadth of clients that would benefit from better change management processes.  I cannot imagine Metaspire’s program not providing a net benefit to the bottom line of such companies.”
-Lee Eulgen ESQ Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP

“One of the things I most enjoy about working with Nina is the sincere excitement with which she embraces my ideas and shares my passion. From the moment I expressed to her my desire to transform my professional life into meaningful work that expressed my deepest values, Nina has been right there as an enthusiastic and trusted teammate. No matter where my journey finds me from week to week, Nina is able to adapt her approach to my inner and outer landscape with active listening and insightful feedback. She uses short, effective “homework” assignments that assist me in better understanding the dynamics at work in all aspects of my life and that help me refine my vision and aspirations, as well as guided visualization exercises that help me re-locate the path of authentic self in moments of confusion. And that’s to say nothing of her open, friendly candor and the from-the-heart encouragement and unflappable optimism that make time spent working with Nina not just profitable, but enjoyable and uplifting as well. I can’t recommend Nina Segura highly enough to anyone who is ready to effect positive change in their life and seeks a helpful guide, teammate, and friend on the journey.”
– Tim T., Lead Software Engineer

high quality deliverables & strong client relationships

“High quality deliverables in an effective and timely manner, while maintaining strong professional relationships with the client and others assigned to the project.”
– John Golden Former Professional Services Director, Metastorm (OpenText)

“Our team has been working with Metaspire for 18 months. We find them to be professional, efficient, and knowledgeable in our common business interests. We look forward to a continued and prosperous future with them.”
-Chris O’Rourke, P.A.