health care industry

What can be done to increase patient retention and make the lives of the physician, the office manager, and the insurance company easier? Does your office staff wonder if there is a better way to organize information?

answers for healthcare providers

Each person in the aforementioned roles holds the answer. We work with all parties involved to bridge the gaps in processes such as patient scheduling, billing and insurance processing. By leveraging Six Sigma, metaspire brings these powerful voices together in order to develop a sustainable and measurable healthy process.

information management for healthcare providers

In addition, healthcare organizations are one of the most information intensive industries in business. Our consulting can help you develop the processes and workflow tools needed to develop a robust information flow for electronic medical records, document management, and storage needs.

We can train members of your organization, or we can act as your in house business consulting profit center.

Last but not least, we can help healthcare firms generate new patients and business contacts. 

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