The Team Dimension Profile identifies four key roles in team performance and team talents:

How can Metaspire’s Business Process Management help:

Creator: Generates original concepts, goes beyond the obvious, and sees the big picture. Hands off tasks to an Advancer.

  • BPM can help the Creator map out and draw the big picture.
  • BPM can help the Creator add structure and create more efficient concepts.

Advancer: Recognizes new opportunities, develops ways to promote ideas, and moves toward implementation. Hands off tasks to a Refiner.

  • BPM can help the Advancer align all aspects of an organization in order to determine the wants and needs of clients.
  • BPM can help the Advancer continuously improve processes to guarantee a smooth implementation.

Refiner: Challenges and analyzes ideas to detect potential problems and may hand plans back to an Advancer or Creator before handing off tasks to an Executor.

  • BPM can help the Refiner become more efficient, more effective and more capable of change.
  • BPM can help the Refiner find an approach to integrate a “change capability” to an organization – both human and technological.

Executor: Lays the groundwork for implementation, manages the details, and moves the process to completion.

  • BPM can help the Executor purposefully achieve the common business goal and deliver.
  • BPM can help the Executor gain higher customer satisfaction, delivery speed and time-to-market speed.