The interaction between clinician and patient drives all treatment results. There is little margin for error, and achieving improvements in medical outcomes and healthcare efficiency is not an easy task.

Beyond the complex clinical activities- patient history, physical examinations, diagnostics, and treatment, the healthcare delivery process involves many diverse medical resources, medical personnel, and services. Healthcare is complicated worldwide by multiple factors. In the United States, the healthcare system seems to be in trouble as skyrocketing costs and lack of accessibility threaten the health and wellness of large segments of the population. Also with the accelerating growth of the body of medical knowledge, and the challenge to improve efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare becomes even more daunting.

One thing that is really improving process management in the healthcare industry is developing technology. Healthcare personnel can now provide a more complete and accurate diagnosis to patients. The technology industry can offer tools to manage and share healthcare data with high-speed computer networks and mobile devices to ensure favorable treatment outcomes and improve care delivery efficiency on a case-by-case basis. More extensive instrumentation, interconnectivity, and intelligence in the management of medical data and information can improve the efficacy of examination, diagnosis, and treatment at the point of care.

Given the number and diversity of participants as well as the complexity of the healthcare, implementing these state-of-the-art methods and tools is not a simple matter. The fact that these tools and techniques are being used both within and outside the healthcare industry is great for the ultimate success of the medical industry, but few businesses access these tools so it is impossible for them to implement them.

For the healthcare industry, the time to act is now. Organizations that move aggressively to implement the new technologies can achieve cost-effective results and improve interactions and outcomes for the care of their patients.

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